My name is Morten and I’m a photographer based in Oslo. I’m trained as an art director and still do selected projects, but since 2006 I’ve focused on photography.

All the pictures on this site are made with a large format film-based camera from the sixties. I also work with digital cameras of course, but the large negatives (4x5”) from the analogue camera gives the images a richness in detail, depth, colour and texture that you are not able to achieve with digital cameras. Large format photography demands a degree of technical preparation and concentration that makes the whole experience a bit different and I find it makes everyone involved a bit more focused.

As an art director I know how disappointing it is when a finished image differs a lot from the original idea. This can easily happen when you go from something abstract to something concrete and have to make all sorts of decisions on the way. I find that my background gives me the opportunity to quickly understand the essence of the idea and helps me make the right decisions along the way. An advertising idea is often a very simplified version of the real world. I find that quite generic motifs, people and places that are clean and classic versions of themselves communicate advertising ideas quite well. Some parks are more parks than others and I spend a lot of time trying to find the places and the people that suit the original idea and the level of realism/surrealism that the idea demands.

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